2024 ACA Nashville Planning Guide_154th Congress of Correction

Who knows standards? Who knows accreditation? Who knows certification? Who knows training? Who knows health care? ACA DOES!

NEED HELP? Call the experts!

If you need assistance with standards, accreditation, policies and procedures, security issues, health and treatment issues, employee certification, curriculum development, professional development, and training on a variety of topics, CALL ACA.

Dr. Valorie L. Sanders, LBBP Director Professional Development, Membership & Engagement 703-224-0167 valories@aca.org

Terri Catlett, PA Director Office of Correctional Health

David K. Haasenritter, M.S. Director Standards and Accreditation 703-224-0070 davidh@aca.org

703-224-0048 terric@aca.org


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